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Our client’s intellectual property protection is foremost in our minds. Our patent attorneys provide our clients with a full range of legal services. These relate to the acquisition, enforcement, and commercialization of intellectual property rights. Cooper IP Melbourne

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Research & Development

Research and development require a considerable investment in time and money. Once completed, or during the development process, you cannot afford to neglect the protection of your intellectual property. The only way to do so is by utilizing the power that patents, trademarks, and design registrations have in terms of intellectual property protection to safeguard your considerable investment.

Patent protection gives you a monopoly in a specific country or countries. This process is invaluable not only for peace-of-mind but also to prevent competitors from taking advantage of your innovations.

Design registration will also give your product or service a competitive edge.

Trademarks add a point of distinction to establish the commercial standing of your brand in a way that differentiates it from the crowd.

We fully understand the quandaries and the intricacies involved with patents, trademarks and design registrations for intellectual property. For this reason, Cooper IP employs both experienced consultants and qualified patent attorneys. Our educational background in engineering positions us perfectly to provide intellectual property services in this same field to Corporates and SMEs in Australia.


While we take pride in our customer relationships, our main goal is to secure your intellectual property. We often work directly with your team as part of our commitment to keeping these innovations safe and secure.

At Cooper IP, we also try to strike a balance between practicality and protection but never without thorough feedback to and from our customers weighing up the pros & cons of every decision. Our services include counsel and handling of transactions in cases involving patents, design patents,  trademarks, management, enforcement, and global brand management.


Cooper IP for intellectual property protection is a member of the following Institutions:
Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board  and
the Institue of Patent & Trademark Attorneys
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