Tasmania is one of Australia’s most innovative states. 

Cooper IP is proud to support Tasmania’s creativity and serve its intellectual property needs.

Each month, Cooper IP spends one day in Hobart and one day between Burnie, Devonport, and Launceston, where we meet with businesses and assist with their patent, design, and trade mark protection strategies.

Cooper IP also has strong ties with organisations that assist Tasmanian businesses and is a member of:

  • The Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council
  • The Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Complimentary consultations

Whether you want to protect, commercialise or enforce your intellectual property rights, we provide free initial consultations to get you started. In these consultations, we will learn about your business and offer suggestions for capitalising on your intellectual property. You will also come away with a clear understanding of patent, design, and trade mark protection, and how these intellectual property rights can boost your competitive edge. 

Upcoming trips

Our upcoming trips to Tasmania are below:


  • Hobart 17 October
  • Burnie / Launceston 18 October


  • Hobart 21 November
  • Burnie / Launceston 22 November


  • Hobart 12 December
  • Burnie / Launceston 13 December

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss sooner: