Introducing: Scoot Boot

Founded in 2015 by Dave MacDonald and Annette Kaitinis, Scoot Boot has disrupted an industry that has been relatively stagnant for 1,500 years.

This young Tasmanian business has developed a game-changing boot for  horses which allows them to ditch the old metal horse shoes entirely. 

The boot offers huge improvements for hoof health, are easy to apply and maintain, and it doesn’t hurt that they add a bit of colour and flair.

Our Scoot Boots allow horses to virtually go barefoot, an option that is much more suitable to their overall health.

- Dave MacDonald, co-founder

Having worked as a trainer and farrier for over 30 years, Dave recognised that existing horse boots were bulky, overly complicated and often impeded a horse’s movements. 

Dave went on to create Scoot Boot’s patented and design protected one-piece hoof boot which is comfortable in any weather and terrain, lightweight and easy to fit.

You have to believe in a product to put hard-earned capital into it - if you don't believe in something you don't pursue it.

- Dave

It took Dave about a year of trial and error to come up with his first prototype, and now Scoot Boot’s products are stocked in over 400 global resellers around the world. 

Scoot Boot has since been named 2018 Telstra Tasmanian Business of the Year and is struggling to keep up with the global demand for its growing range of products.

We are so proud now that from down in Tassie we can do this. It just goes to show with modern technology you can operate an international business from Hobart. You don't have to be in a major large city – you can be in a regional area.

- Dave