Intellectual Property Management or IPM

intellectual property management


Let’s explain Intellectual Property Management. Intellectual property describes a corporation’s intangible assets. Those are for instance patents, design patents, trade marks or copyrights. In other words, the results of human endeavors that have value and are original, such as inventions, designs, publications, computer software, etc…

These intangible assets increasingly make up a large proportion of a company’s net worth. Today, it has become a commercial imperative within the field of Intellectual Property Management to have professionals handle the protection and management of these assets. This is understandable, considering that their value to the prosperity and above all the future of a corporation is extremely high.

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Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Intellectual property portfolio management


Many corporations are outsourcing their IP portfolio management these days to professionals like Cooper IP. Its importance has simply become imperative for the success and future of any corporation. The management of IP portfolios can be difficult and time consuming without the right tools and experience.  Tasks such as docketing, deadline monitoring and tracking of renewal or maintenance fees on patents, designs and trade marks can overload any Intellectual Property department.

We, at Cooper IP, have the right tools and experienced staff to assist with your IP Management.
For instance, our team of IPM professionals will make certain that every deadline is met well on time. Most importantly, we will make sure that you do not lose your rights to highly valuable intellectual property due to a simple oversight. In addition, we will also periodically scan the market for any possible infringements of any of your intellectual property rights. If such infringement is detected, we will inform you immediately and after consultation hand it over to our litigation team.



At Co0oper IP we manage your IP portfolio and make sure that you are not missing any deadlines, renewal dates, maintenance fees, infringements


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