Intellectual Property Infringements – Rights Enforcement & Disputes

We can help you enforce your intellectual property. Intellectual property infringements are on the increase. At Cooper IP, our litigation team will be on your side to stop any such infringement.  We can also assist if other parties are making infringement allegations against you.

Based on statements by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva), not only famous Brands have problems with intellectual property infringements.  Reports of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, automobile parts, batteries, and electronic products surface frequently. They make  clear the potential harm that could be inflicted on consumers due to low-quality products, not to mention the financial implications for the counterfeited brandintellectual property right infringement


Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement

For most people, the thought of enforcement of your intellectual property is overwhelming. However, many patent, design, and trade make disputes are resolved relatively quickly when professional representation is obtained.  If you have a suspicion that someone is infringing on your intellectual property you should take action quickly. We suggest to contact us as soon as you have become aware of such an infringement.  Likewise, if you receive a letter of demand prompt action should be taken.



Patent, design and trade mark applications can all be subject to an opposition process should a third party oppose the granting of rights to you. If you find yourself in such an Opposition situation,  you should seek expert assistance. Contact us for assistance if you find yourself in opposition or wish to file an opposition against another party trying to secure rights.


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