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What is a trade mark and why you need trade mark attorneys?

The answer is rather complex, however, it will become obvious why you should engage trade mark attorneys. Basically, a trade mark is a mark with the purpose of identifying goods or services. The trade mark’s purpose is to distinguish those goods and services from similar kinds of products or marks within the industry. Any sign that can be represented graphically falls within this category. Examples include a device, signature, numeral, shape, name,  word, letter,  pattern, ornamentation, color in combination with others as well as any combination thereof. A ‘device’ can be any visual representation or illustration that can be reproduced on a surface which can be done by printing, embossing, electronic representation or by any other means.

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If, in relation to the same or similar goods or services an identical or similar mark or device is used it is deemed a Trade Mark infringement. If this should happen to you, our litigation team will be at your disposal.

Trade mark registration

A registered trade mark prevents others from using your branding or anything that is deceptively similar.  It is a badge of origin that allows traders to build a reputation for their goods and services. Above all, it makes it easy for consumers to readily identify the origin of particular goods or services. The customer can, thanks to the trade mark also identify characteristics associated with different products or services in the marketplace. Strategic use of your trade marks can prevent others from trading on or damaging your reputation.

At Cooper IP we have many years of experience with trade mark registrations. Therefore, we can protect your creative trade marks, preventing imitations from riding on the wave of your investment. Cooper IP will be by your side from the beginning to the conclusion of the process.


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