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Our goal is to help you identify and secure your intellectual property, providing high quality support and service that exceeds expectations.

We aim to be an industry leader for intellectual property services and a trusted consultant for commercial businesses in Greater Melbourne and Tasmania. What’s more, we have the expertise to secure your intellectual property, while keeping a focus on the commercial aspects of your business to ensure your patents, trademarks and design registration align with your broader business goals.

At Cooper IP, we take great pride in our client relationships, and we are not just consultants either; we are IP experts with a technical background who can speak your language and work directly with your team. With a fast turnaround and our tailor-made approach, we also waste no time and give you a solid platform to turn great ideas into valuable assets.

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Considered solutions for your intellectual property needs



A patent provides a legal monopoly for new inventions, allowing the owner to exclude others from making, using, selling and importing an invention.



Protect the appearance of your new product with a design registration and stop imitations.


Trade Marks

Cooper IP can help establish your commercial standing and give your brand a competitive edge in the marketplace.