How much does a patent cost?

Patent protection is not for the faint-hearted and there are substantial costs involved. In this post, we look at typical costs and how they vary based on your invention and protection strategy.

Inside the Federal Government’s Patent Box

Inside the Federal Government’s Patent Box Key points The 2021-22 Federal Budget introduces a ‘Patent Box’ to reduce corporate tax (to 17%) on income derived from certain Australian patents. The Patent Box tax incentive seeks to stimulate Australian R&D and the commercialisation of technological innovations. The specific details of the Patent Box will be ironed […]

3 questions to help you find the right patent attorney for your business

The best patent attorneys not only understand your invention to the point where they can make meaningful contributions to your prototype, they are also armed with an endless arsenal of words, terms and phrases which can be wielded to encompass the ocean or thread a needle, depending on how broadly or precisely your invention needs to be defined.

Tread carefully when threatening infringement

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IP rights holders must consider their positions carefully before threatening infringement in Australia. Otherwise, they risk being caught by Australia’s recently amended “unjustified threats” provisions.